Think that housework is a pointless job. No one seems to notice, no one pats you on the back and says well done and everyone seems hellbent on wrecking your efforts

In a moment, time for 'Midsomer' ... Been reading most of the day and is halfway through my book. Wonderful. Unfortunately the weekend is coming to an end soon. I would like to expand it if in any way possible ..........
There's an ongoing territorial fight between the seagulls outside my kitchen window. They're funny birds. One of them is particular aggressive ... Wonder if that's the female with the eggs in the nest. Not able to tell the difference actually.
Tiger's playing with his rat. He's very annoyed with the fact that it refuses to obey ham xD
I have a habbit of reading while eating ... Not what I was brought up to do, but when on my own, I tend to do things that's considered to be out of bounds :D

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