Sometimes glass glitters more than diamonds because it has more to prove

Hey there!
Sorry for the lack of updates the last couple of days.
Visit from home.
Been out most of the day today in the fabulous weather. We found a very pretty place where we've never been before. Very pitoresque.

It's my day off, and it sure is nice with an extra long weekend. Need that.
Was invited for a party tonight, but it's not possible for me to go when the family is here. Maybe next time :D ...
What to do? Hm ... Tomorrow off to see Emily and Fredrik. Tonight, dinner with the family.
... Oh, btw .... had a bit of luck today.... Found a last year-model on sale .... Will pic and put up later ....


Jacob said...

I like that place you found. It's gorgeous, as are your photos! Glad you are enjoying family. I enjoy them, too - especially when they leave. ;-)

Haley had surgery on Tuesday. Cancer on her tail. It went well and she came home with us the same day and now she's back to her old self! Pretty amazing.

Hope that all works out well for Tiger, too. Haley says, "Woof!"

What last year's model are you picking up?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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