Sometimes glass glitters more than diamonds because it has more to prove

Hello! It's me again.
Back to my normal state of insanity .... Just spoke to Emily who was on the bus on her way home from the first day at her internship. Think we spoke for appr 40 minutes. Nice!
Tiger is resting - finally - and I'm relaxing while updating this post. Sipping coffee and listening to music.
Tonight 66 years ago, German troops in Denmark capitulated, marking the end of the 5 year occupation. As you can see below, people were more than excited. I light a candle.

Major achievements today None

Critical phases survived One - left the house this morning with an empty lighter in the pocket

Favorite hating object of the day Women who doesn't realize that hyesteria isn't sexy

Would like to smack Men who marry drama queens

Still in need of Evidence

Quote of the day God is busy - Can I help you

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Jacob said...

What a great day to celebrate...but I'm afraid WWII is already ancient history to many. Some seem to want to repeat it - at least they are acting like Hitler (we call them Republicans in the U.S.)...

Hope you have a good day today and the sun shines. I'd have a hard time in a cold, grey climate. Lived in Minnesota for a number of years - not any more! I like Florida, even if it is hot in the summer.

I think I hear Tiger purring...