She's not happy unless everyone around her is panicked, nauseous or suicidal

Hey there!
How are you?
I'm pretty good despite the Monday syndrome.
Been busy and therefore haven't paid much attention to the news. But I would like to see the body before I choose to believe that this isn't just another PR scoop. Will see ... 
Mondays are among our bussiest days of the week. Tuesdays though, are much calmer, and Tuesday is also our FIKA-day. Jens will be in charge of the bakery this week. Look very much forward to see what he can achieve with an oven xD
Despite of May, the weather is April. It's so cold today, that I decided to wear my fur vest ... and it's been snowing. Not much, but it has been snowing. Someone got it all wrong, because that's not right in May!!!

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