People who aren't busy all the time might start to think

Good Evening!
Happy Weekend!
Came home a little while ago. Spent time in the local supermarket out of necessity. A tiring game when suffering from shelf claustrophobia.
A-N-Y-W-A-Y!!! Done with that and home, trying to decide what to make for dinner. Since I'm all by myself, I might land on omelette with strawberries, which is my favorite meal. Nam, nam, nam.
Good day today. The boys been working like ants. Really - this is a fantastic team. So much spirit, and so much drive. Though missing Fabien. He'll be back in a weeks time.
Spoke to husband and got an update on yesterdays fabulous birthday party. So annoying I couldn't be there. .....
Tiger wants my attention now. I better be a good slave and obey his command.

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Jacob said...

Greetings! There are several references in this post which I don't understand, but that's OK. It's fun to read about your various comings and goings...

It has been rather cloudy, somewhat gloomy, and rainy here all day. Very unusual. But it kept things cool. We normally get rain in the afternoon (esp. in the summer) in the form of a thunderstorm or two but it usually waltzes by in an hour or so. Not very often do we have gray skies all day. Actually, I found that a nice change from bright sunshine!

So, I'm a little crazy!

Have a great weekend!