Operator! Give me the number for 911!!

Buzz, buzz! It's me .... Apologize for the lack of information the last couple of days. I'm deeply involved in a family visit. It's hard.
Went to see Emily and Fredrik yesterday. Very nice day. Had lunch at 'Barista' and went for some shopping. The weather was fantastic, and of course I remembered to bring my camera hrmp, hrmp :P

Street walking

 Ice-cream or hot-dog?

Emily and grand-mére

Fredrik, Emily and grand-mére shopping books

A lá Montmatre


Tomorrow it's back to normal ...
Anyway - The other day I bought a new dress, and yesterday I found a shawl that matches. I'll put up some shots for you tomorrow. Right now I'm being a bit busy elsewhere :D
Tiger does not appreciate his territory over-crowded with people. It confuses him. So last night he slept in my bed. He's never done that before, but I guess he was looking for protection ...

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Jacob said...

I really enjoyed this post...what a beautiful city and so many interesting sights...I loved the person on stilts. Haven't seen anyone on stilts in years!

What city is this?

My grandfather, Axel Robert Anderson, on my dad's side, was born in Ostergotland and my greatgrandfather, Johan Andersson, was born in 1838 in Spring, Sweden.

My greatgrandfather on my dad's mother's side was Karl Gustaf Adolfsson and he was born in 1851 in Jonkoping. When he came to the US he changed his name to Charles Gustaf Adell.

On my dad's side we can go back to 1762, to a Peter Ax who was married to Kristina Isaksdotter.

On my mom's side we can go back to a Jonsson born in 1785.

My mother's father, Carl Johnson, born 1865, lived on a farm called Blixrun, in Ekenas (southwest portion of Blomskog Parish in province of Varmland).

I find this all very interesting. We had thought to visit Sweden and try to learn more, but we're getting older and neither of us speak Swedish. (My parents did but they didn't teach me! Darn!)

Glad Tiger's doing well. Haley got through the surgery fine and she's pretty much her old self!