The north star in the firmament, you shine the most bright

Good Noon!
Hope you slept as good as I did!
Was up at 4 and again at 6.30 to see husband off, but then I went back to bed again and slept to 11 xD Nice!
1st of May and officially it's summer. Though it does smell like rain.
People will gather together at town squares throughout the country, listening to political speeches ... All of a sudden, all parties declare themselves to be the worker's parties .... ts ts ts.
Been watching 'Gillmore Girls' - my favorite ... I really enjoy these girls, because they are so messy and so not-fitting in. Remind me a lot about myself.
Now over to breakfast and a good cup of coffee!

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Jacob and Lois Anne said...

May 1 is just another day here...no political speeches, etc. Well, I shouldn't say that, there's always some idiotic politician making a speech about something!

Lois Anne liked to watch Gilmore Girls, too!

Don't get wet out in the rain!