My dream job would be driving the karma bus

Hey there!
Hope you're good and that the day's treating you well.
Home after work and dentist. Spent some time in good company with a nice cup of coffee and delicious mint flavoured chocolate cakes. Yummi!

My plans for tonight are: Quick dinner and a good book. And then the bed. I feel like mashed potatoes inside my brain ......

Think the flowers look as if made of velvet. Love the color and shape!

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Jacob said...

Thanks for your good wishes. We had a nice Italian dinner yesterday to celebrate Lois Anne's birthday.

Those mint chocolate thingys look mighty good! With coffee!

I just got a call reminding me of a long dental session scheduled next Monday! Talk about "rainy days and Mondays"!

Hope you're having a good evening with another beautiful blue sky - but I do recall you speaking of thunderstorm possibilities! Yikes!