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Hey, hey!
How are you?
Tiger's blocked the door. I'm unable to get out :P
It rained cats and dogs when I left work. I have this huge, ugly, yellow umbrella, and luckily I remembered it today. Saved me from soaking.

Read a very interesting article in the Danish newspaper
Information today about Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK). It raises the highly relevant question "How come DSK is seen as the victim here - what about the woman?"
Philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy (who compares himself with Jesus), is once again making a fool of himself by opposing against treating DSK like "any other person". "Everybody, is not everybody!", he said.

You're welcome to read the original article publiced in The Guadian
You're still free to disagree with me, but honestly - as a woman, I do feel something is rotten in this world. It's perfectly fine to behave like an übermensch if you are wealthy and upperclass and to get away with it. And of course you'll become a martyr, because "How dare you, little miss cleaning lady, complain when a good man like DSK mistake you for a prostitute. You should be happy! - After all - God have touched you!"

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Jacob said...

It is beyond me that any man gets sexual satisfaction when he has to force a woman to engage in sexual activity.

But I don't think that ultimately this is only about sex. It's also about a sick need to control others, and wield power over them, and force them to do your bidding, for as you implied they think they are some kind of "god," when in fact they are reptiles quite low on the evolutionary ladder.