Look at that. It's either blood or he's a messy eater

Decided to go out after all. Cause I also discovered that I needed candy for Tiger. Can't live without that xD
Done with the domestic duties and even made it to the shower. Which rarely happens on a Sunday.
Have been instructed by Bo to see the french film 'Martyrs' by Pascal Laugier .... It's supposed to be the scarriest movie ever made. Will see if it's something that can give me the chills ......

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Jacob and Lois Anne said...

I would pass on this one. I cannot understand why people make this stuff or why people go to see it. Maybe I'm just old, but there's so much evil and nastiness and horror in the real world, I surely don't want to sit in a theater (or my home) and watch made-up evil, nastiness and horror.

Like I said, maybe I'm just old. :-)