A little ego goes nowhere

Uh .... Eh ... Good Morning, I guess!
Kick-starting and erasing yesterday from my mind. New day, fresh beginning.
Packing my flashy plastic bag with lunchbox and breakfast (chocolate dear! - Do not forget the chocolate!)
Fika day today. Hope that Bo remembers! If not ... Grrrrrrr!
Breaking News is still about Dominique Strauss-Kahn's arrest .... I'll get the lastest news from Fabien - who reads Le Monde. It's amazing. This man was supposed to candidate to become the next French president. .... ????
Need to get an appointment at the vet. Tiger has to get rid of his male instinct .... otherwise he will not be able to participate in the holiday adventures with Mitzi and Neija this summer.

Mitzi, Emily and Neija

Good Morning!

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