It's easier to drag someone down than it is to lift someone up

I'm impressed with you Tiger. When you first came into my life, you were 8 months old, you were sweet but nervous. You panicked when feeding you, thinking we might eat it for you. You were a strange Bengal. Couldn't jump, didn't know how to hunt. Now you've become a big boy, you spend at least 30 minutes with your head stuck in your plate. You jump higher than ever. You're still sweet, but nervous? - Nah, can't say that anymore, But baby - when you wake me up 3 in the morning, begging for your pre-breakfast while jumping up and down on my stomach - please! Exercise somewhere else. You're a heavy kitty cat

Major challenges today 2 - one involving a language I don't speak
Mysteries solved No
Great achievements Opening a can without any help is always an achievement
In desperate need of A trip to Dreamland
Looking for My black jersey
Quote of the day Tough year for the ocean—BP, Japan radiation & now - Hey mind if we put Bin Laden in here
Would still like to see Evidence

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