It could not be happening because this sort of thing did not happen. Any contradictory evidence could be safely ignored

Good Morning!
Hope you slept well.
Early morning, and the weather situation seems to be improving. I can see the sun shining through the white clouds.
What to do? - Oh, yes. ... I almost forgot. ... But it's Wednesday. One day closer to weekend.
Sat for a few moments outside. A bit chilly .....
66 years ago, German troops in The Netherlands, Northern Germany and Denmark capitulated to Montgomery, marking the end of World War II. Let's remember!
Time to get dressed and get civilized. I'm barely awake, so I need a lot of coaching xD
More coffee!!
Tiger's been a darling. He let me sleep till 4.30. ..... Nice!
Listening to the morning news ... Headlines are now concentrating on getting inside you know whose house ... letting the viewers get a glimpse of the tyrans life .... ts ts ts ... it tastes like tabloid journalism and immorality. Don't we human beings just love to snoop!
But Hey! This is just my early morning grumpy opinion!
Have a happy day!

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