If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.

Was listening to music with Tiger. He lying on the bed - me sitting on the floor. He fell asleep. I got a sore bum :P
Seems as if Mr. Blogspot finally handed back at least some of the posts he nicked from me. I'm still not pleased though. Think he behaved very thoughtless ... And I don't care whether he blame the system or not. Hate blame-games. It's immature.
Sweden and Finland are right now playing the World Champion Hockey final. I'm not watching it, but it seems as if everybody else in this community are. There are no cars and no people in the streets - just the roaring silence.
Actually I feel a bit akward, because not only I couldn't care less about a hockey match, I also skipped the Eurovision Song Contest final yesterday. I can't stand neither the music nor the horrible show.
My apologizes for offending anyone of you who treasure this ridiculous annual contest  ... I mean, let's face it... the majority of the contesters can barely sing, and the majority of the audience knows that ... The only reason why we watch the show, is because we deep down inside looove to see others make a fool of themselves. A win-win situation for anyone possessing just an ounce of masochistic humor. Which may well be about one billion of the world population, if the number of viewers of this show is correct.

So let me know if you think I missed something exciting :PTomorrow is another Monday. I hope that Bo will be back from his sick-leave.
I haven't quite decided what to wear. Most likely something purple. That's my favorite these days. Would like to wear a dress, but to be honest - 7 degrees is not my idea of summer. Someone temporary nicked it and sent us back to April again.

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