If you can't keep an open mind then keep a closed mouth

Finally managed to update my iPhone with the latest software. That took forever! But now I'm officially able to download and install a coupple of 100 more apps that I probably don't really need :D
Made some changes and brought a new skincare line into my life. Will see if it lives up to the promisses ....

I've been testing the night version the past couple of days. It smells good, but not sure if it works any better than my 'old' L'Oreal Plumper stuff. ..... Who knows!?! It might contain some magical dust :P

Tiger's fooling around with his little rat, re-arranging the carpets in the livingroom. - Yesterday when husband came back from his trip and switched on the TV, there was nothing but snow on it. "Why did you change the channel-settings?" he wondered .... Well, I didn't (basicly because I don't use the livingroom) .. Tiger did - as it turned out. Because I found the antenna cable that's supposed to be inserted to the wall-outlet, lying lonely and ownerless underneath the tv-shelf xD ... Crazy cat .......

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