If life throws you lemons .... bring out the tequila!

... Unfortunately I don't have any tequila, just tea and coffee. ... Hm I guess I'll simply spice it up and add some chilli to it :P
Good Evening by the way :D
Long day!
I hope you had a pleasant one though.
The sun's been shining all day long. - Nice!
I didn't get enough sleep last night, so tonight I will definately tugg in no later than 10. Hope to get a good, long power-nap.
I simply can't remember what I did today ... Hmm .. got up and out in the big white world and then .... the rest has in a mysterious way been erased from my mind.
Come to think of the 'Interflora' slogan Say it with flowers ...

Achievements Zero
Feels like worn out apple mash
Intend to jump over, cutting corners
In desperate need of a hammock

1 comment:

Jacob said...

We had a great day - Lois Anne's birthday...drove up to Gainesville and had a wonderful dinner. Got to get to bed early tonight though as I've got an early golf game...

And yes, it is sunny and warm. Should be 94 degrees F tomorrow.

Sounds like you're feeling better. I like tequila in margaritas but not straight. I don't think. Maybe if I have a couple of Coronas first?

Remember to stop and smell the roses...and if there aren't any roses, keep going until you can find something to drink. ;-)