If I don't get a large cup of coffee soon, the day will be unbearable

It's morning, isn't it??? - Yes, well - Good Morning!
Wednesday morning .... Halfway to heaven. Feels nice.
It's M day today. So the blog-updating will not be at the top. Apologizes!
Still have some things to fix - after fixing work. Bake, check corners for dust-rats, check bathrooms, remove all kinds of un-necessary stuff, tell Tiger to be good .... Pyhhh - I'm already exhausted, and it's only 6 am.

Well, Good Morning!

Coffee and off to work. Hoping the day will pass a little less hectic than yesterday. I really seem to forget time and place sometimes. Yesterday I was late for lunch .... AGAIN!!!!
Speaking about lunch: What do you eat for lunch?
- Most people around here grab a sandwich. I prefer a warm meal at noon. Today beef, potatoes and vegetables.
Emily will be around tonight. Look forward to that.

Tiger says

Wondering where the end of the rainbow is ....

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