I have multiple personalities. It might be one of me

Hey there!
How's your day?
Mine's fairly good. - At least better than yesterday. Which is a step up - or down. It's a matter on interpretation.
Rain's been on and off today, but right now the sun's shining.
We got an appointment for Tiger to see the vet. I bet that's why he behaves like he does. He's a Bengal! He can feel that something's gonna hit him next week. I'm sure of that.
My mother is staying with us for the next couple of days. She's arriving tomorrow night. Emily will be staying over as well. Nice!!!
Now dinner and relax. Need to get a news update. Got the latest news from Fabien this morning. The story is just getting more and more entertaining :D

I kinda fancy my small grass-free garden :P

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Jacob said...

I think I should know the news from Fabien and why it is so interesting... :-)

Glad you had a good day. It was perfection here. I played golf and it was sunny and cool in the morning and stayed relatively cool all day...we have windows open, a nice breeze is blowing through...

I think we'll go out to eat! Poor Tiger. Haley's got surgery tomorrow and she can't eat after midnight. She's going to die as she lives to eat!