I cannot believe it's true! Are you really doing the things you do?

Good Morning!
Buhhh - It's snowing! Can't believe it's true!!!!! It's May! It's summer! Summer is sun and warmth - not snow.
Was out for 5 minutes, and I can confirm - it is cold! - So I guess it will be warm clothings again today .... *sigh*!

FIKA-day ... Look forward to see what Jens has achieved with a recipe and an oven xD
Working late shift the whole week, but that's okay ... I don't mind ... I've got nothing better to do this week.
Slowly starting up. I have to say that this weather condition is not making it easier gearing from zombie to living .......
Checking news and blogs with an extra cup of coffee.
Have a good day! Hope the sun shines whereever you are.

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Jacob said...

How would we ever get along (esp. in a cold climate) without hot coffee?

Is this your house? It's very beautiful! Can't imagine snow...it's hot here - we the doors and windows shut and the air conditioning running!