Gravity is a habit that is hard to shake off

Watching my favorite 'Frost' .... Love this guy. He has the blackest humor. He's divine!
I do the dishes once or twice a week, and today I found I was out of clean forks, so I did the dishes. Interesting to see that I didn't use as much of one knife in a week. Only forks, tea spoons, 2 cups and 8 plates.
Found these gorgeous nectarines ... Sweet!!!!

Mysteries solved One major and V.I. one - Gravity finally let go of its grip

Am proud of being me

Would appreciate a trip to Holliday Land

Am in desperate need of XL letters in general and on product labels in particular

Favorite quote of the day - Shake it six times and call Snapfish! If that doesn't help - post it on Facebook!

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