Giving advice is always silly. Giving good advice however is fatal

Good Morning!
Slept well?
This Sunday seems to be a rewind of Saturday. Storm-rain and the balcony is swimming. Next moment the sun's shining. Weird.
For some odd reason 'Gillmore Girls' were cancelled today. What a no-no! That leaves me with just one programme worth watching on the silly-box today, and that's 'Nynne'. Which is a Danish 'Bridget Jones' alike but better and hilariously funny.
What to do? What to do? Hm... Did the sweep-over-floors and blow-the-dust-away manouvers yesterday. - Actually I ought to spend the day in company with a good book ... Could check the sack full of books that my mother brought with her last week. It might contain a pearl or 2.......