Find me that piece of paper I had in my hand yesterday morning

Good Morning!
Hope you slept well.
Some sunny day!!!!!
Blue sky and a big yellow sun hanging over my head.
I've got an appointment with a washing machine ... ts ts ts ... not a favorite date.
Gillmore Girls in half an hour and then off to this complicated and boring date *sigh*
.... More coffee and a cig!!!

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Jacob said...

It would appear you're no longer bored...sun and blue sky is enough to jump-start most folks, and then you also watched some good movies!

I'm having a cup of coffee and will hit the golf course shortly. It is Mother's Day here, but we celebrated that last night so Lois Anne will be running her 4 1/2 miles while I'm playing golf.

Might have to take a nap this afternoon! :-)

Hope it remains sunny for you for days to come!