Femenists bore me to death

Huh .. uh .. (Good) Morning!
Hope you slept well. I did.
I hope this day will be less intense. Yesterday simply carved in solid rock why I hate Mondays! Think that the fortune-teller got it all completely wrong. "The day would be full of joy". Plain rubbish! - I bet it was last year's horoscope in reprise.
In my bitchy mood today. I can feel it. It's not gonna take me anywhere.
Found a map over Sweden. Mainly because it's always nice to be able to prove that there is land north of Uppsala :P - You see the tiny island at the bottom of the picture's left side? - - I call it the Devils Island. Copenhagen is there somewhere. It's tiny too :P
I was born on that island. - You can always find an explanation that makes sense :D

More sights and sounds from Sundsvall

Never under-estimate the power of a power-nap

Have a Good Day

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Jacob said...

Hopefully, you're having a better today than yesterday!

Love your new blog layout...and the colors! Very, very nice!

We'd love to visit Stockholm and the areas of my ancestors...but I'm not sure we'll ever get there.

Sundsvall has an understated elegance and charm that is delightful. Thank you for sharing these pictures.

And good ol' Tiger gets a power nap. I think I may have to try that today sometime!

Haley, who is recovering very well from her surgery, says "Woof" in a very low voice!