Feel free to disagree

Good Morning! - Beautiful Wednesday morning!
Hope the day will be sunny and calm.
Yesterday was extremely windy

Wasn't able to see the volcanic ashes from the eruption of Grímsvötn though. Nevertheless a lot of flights have been cancelled.

Photo by Halldora Kristin Unnarsdottir/Scanpix

Came home late last night and went to bed relatively early. Still trying to recover from the past weekend. It'll probably take me a week before being back to 'normal' - whatever that is :P
Am lazy this morning, so I took the liberty to 'borrow' the title for this post from Emily ...... But honestly - Feel free to disagree :P
I plan to be home early tonight ... Allthough I know somewhere in the backside of my head, that this brilliant plan of mine is just a plan.
Did I mention that Tiger is off to see the vet on Friday? I'm sure he's able to feel that something is about to happen, because he behaves very strange at the moment. Yesterday night I - again - found him fast asleep in my bed. He's never done that before. He always sleeps in his own bed. But all of a sudden, he wants to snuggle with his mamma. Odd - don't you think?!?

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