Excuse me while I kiss the sky

Good Morning!
Very exciting day! Midnight marks the end of May and maybe - just maybe there will be something to celebrate with the team.
Sat outside yesterday evening and watched the seagull parade. Watched them gliding through the air - up and down. Amazing birds!
The evening sky was so beautiful! Like a painting ......

Tiger's in his playfull mood. He still got paint in his ear from his tatoo xD. As I mentioned yesterday, he developed a sweet tooth since he left the vet. I wonder ....

I usually don't write a word about any members of royal families, however, as you may know, certain accusations against the Swedish king has been published the last couple of weeks. In particular about his less fortunate choice of friends. Like most people, I have a private opinion about the monarchy. I'm not really pro, neither am I against. I do believe that the monarchy has more or less lived itself out. I think it's weird for a modern society like ours to keep one family in a stereotype world, without any rights to vote, to speak freely, to decide which church to belong to or not to belong to etc.

Anyway - I watched the TV interview given by the king yesterday night, and honestly - I don't give a damn whether he visited a strip-club or not. I think that story is without any interest. But his choice of friends ought to be more selective. Though, maybe, if we take into consideration that the king is a highly normal human being and not closer to heaven than the rest of us, how come we think that his judgement is poorer than ours? I realise that he is the Head of State. Which again is strange, because he was never elected. He was given this title by birth. Does that make him more fit for the job than you and me? Probably not. 
Based on that, it might be time to leave the monarchy where it belongs - in the past.

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Jacob said...

I agree with your monarchial comments. The whole notion of "royalty" is a vestige, like an appendix, of something that might have been useful (or not) long ago but today is rather an embarrassment.

There is so such thing as royal blood or blue blood. It's all human nonsense propagated in the past by those who had some advantage in a monarchial arrangement.

Today, I think that the royals are very much like film/TV celebrities...it's rather fun to watch their shenanigans but it's best never to take the idea of royalty or the royals themselves seriously.

Tiger likes chocolate. We can't give chocolate to Haley as it is toxic to dogs.

Nevertheless, jealous as she is of Tiger's chocolate treats, she says "Woof."

Hope you're having a great day. Think I'll go play some golf!