Do not press Ctrl + w. You will not like what happens .....

I don't get it ... Why do you want to buy a Mac and then put Windows 7 on it? If you don't get along with Mac - why spend a castle, when you can buy a good Windows based pc to a reasonable sum of money and put the rest of the money on a 2-week trip to Paris?!?
Good Morning by the way xD
Spend the whole night philosophing over the Mac/Windows thing. Why? Because that's what I do in my sleep. Or scan pictures. I dream of scanners. It comes to me every early morning when my sub-conscious starts realizing that the c(h)atting leopardette is trying to get my attention. Weird. don't you think?
On my way ... Got lunchbox, breakfast and banana in the flashy, fashionable supermarket plastic-bag.
Another day at the races. Not a full day for me though. I've got an appointment with a dentist at 4.

This is yesterdays evening sky. 9:15 pm. It can make even the most acid citric in a very good mood

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