The definition of 'Bitch' is French for beautiful creature with an undaunted personality

Good Morning!
Hope you slept just as good as I did.
Woke up just an hour ago ... If husband hadn't urged me to climb out of bed, I would probably still be sound asleep :P
The title of this post is borrowed from Plastic Martyr, a model and underground personality. I love reading his statements, because he - on behalf of all women - often expresses our inner thoughts. He believes that everybody is beautiful in their own way, and he's right. Another great thing about him is that he, despite being a 'celebrity' always finds time to respond to comments.
Some time ago, I changed my day and night creams from L'Oreal to Garnier. It's always a bit of a gamble doing that, because you know what you've got but not what you're gonna get. Well, my new choice of prefered cream turned out to be much better than the ones I used to smear in the face. My skin feels like marzipan and looks younger than ever, at least in my eyes, and that's what matters. I feel beautiful

Tiger's resting again