Because of their size, parents may be difficult to discipline properly

Buzz, buzz! - That's right. It's me. Again.
Hope you're enjoying your Sunday as much as I do.
Tiger's a bit grumpy. He's hungry, but I just told him he has to wait for a least half an hour before dinner is served. Not a popular statement in his ears.
Today is Mother's Day in Sweden. Received a sweet post from Emily on my fb wall. Lovely when the kids remember me for being me.
Spoke to my dad this afternoon. - He greeted me with a "Bonjour Madame. Comment êtes-vous?" ... Turns out he bought himself a French course to refresh his skills in la langue gallique. Which I believe is a great idea. Not because he wants to go to France again, but because he's got access to French tv programmes, and wants to be able to understand everything they say. I think it's kind of courageous of a man at the age of 76 to take up that sort of exercise. Did I mention that he also paints? He has this army of tin soldiers that he's collected, and he's now painting them up. He also took up painting on canvas, which is something I'm sincereloy thinking of taking up as well. This creative oar runs in the family. We're not artists, but as a hobby, painting is very relaxing.


Jacob said...

Hmmm...I'm almost as old as your dad...so glad that he's still active and interested and learning and painting!

I'm doing some weight-lifting, other exercises, bike riding and golfing, or course...along with lots of writing (as you know) and trying to get back to form on the piano.

Poor Tiger. When Haley wants to eat, which is most of the time, she comes over, shakes her head, bumps into us, stands in front of us, and generally makes a nuisance of herself. She usually knows at exactly what time her feeding times are, too!

And she says, "Woof" to Tiger!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

~Cheryl said...

Happy Mother's Day! You have me thinking about what sort of oars are waiting for me to pick up and use.