Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye

I had this for dinner - in my omelette

Yes, that's right. I eat omelette everyday. Because I can :P
- Preferably with strawberries, nectarines, rasperies, bread, pineapple and or bananas.

Top Gear in my ear (waiting for Morse), though I'm in the mood for music right now .... Hm ....
Btw - I like Top Gear. Those guys are crazy! :D
Morse is cool in a very quiet way. - He's also dead.

Some of these flowers used to be yellow - now they're white/light purple. That's odd. How can a flower change the color just like that? Perhaps it's got something to do with the light ....? - Anyway, they're not roses, neither did they cost a fortune, but I think they're beautiful as they are.

Tiger's fallen asleep like a baby ...... Do not disturb xD

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