Art is either plagiarism or revolution

Good Morning!
Hope you slept well!
I was sooo tired yesterday. Went to bed rather early. Don't feel a bit for a day at the races today, but nevermind, weekend is about to explode right up in my face!
Last Christmas, I did some black/white photos ... Well, allright, some of them has traces of color ... nevermind ... they're sort of black/white ... I like working with the black/white media. It gives me the sense of 50-vintage ... No revolution, just plain home-made creativity

Cinematic Paradise
Privacy is buried in the lake


Have a Good Day!


Jacob said...

I like your work...b&w works well with winter shots and you did capture a sense of isolation and cold!

Hope your day is progressing well.

Jacob said...

I forgot to wish Tiger well tomorrow! I'm sure he'll do fine. I'd guess you're fast asleep by this time, but take good care!