Am in such a mood that I could piss off a happy meal.

Hey there! Hope you're enjoying your day!
I'm a born optimist. Wrote in my morning post that I would be on safe side in 10 hours and 15 minutes. So here I am 12 hours later. Sorry for the delay.
It's just been one of those days. I think we can say that I'm not loving it!
Dinner is on the stove. I'm hungry and not. Tired and not. Being flexible I could say, but then again ... maybe not.
Anyway - I have some things to do but need to eat first. That might make me see things in a different light. This day was busy and confused and full of blinking lights. And on top of that, I didn't manage to get everything done, which annoys me more than anything.
I'm a perfectionist when it comes to work .... huh!!!!
Taking 20 deep breaths before stuffing dinner in. Hope that will erase previous hours of this day .....

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Jacob said...

What do you do that has you working 11-12 hours a day?

That would make me rather crabby! But then I'm old and rather crabby anyway!

Hope you had a good evening and a better day tomorrow. Snuggle up with Tiger for a bit; that might help. Along with a glass of wine! :-)