Always be wary of any helpful item that weighs less than its operating manual

Good Evening!
Hope you've enjoyed your day so far!
Mine's been reasonably good so far, though trimbled over a number of minor obstacles during my way through it. One very hysterical 2-legged creature called 'woman' for example. ... A true AHA! experience ... A moment where I suddenly heard myself thinking "OMG! Women are pathetic!"
Hunger is driving me to the stove where I intend to make myself an omelette and fill it with bread and berries. Then some loud crazy music to re-install my insanity!

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Jacob said...

I don't think women are pathetic...by and large...

They are often hysterical in the comical sense and sometimes in the frenetic sense. But I like 'em anyway!

Meow to Tiger!

It's afternoon here. Good game of golf although got a bit of rain. Now 'tis sunny and gorgeous!