You cannot buy hapiness but you can buy ice cream and that's kind of the same thing

Am 12 months again, just learning how to eat ... Carefully break the bread and stuff it into my mouth  ... Try to figure out how to chew. Which teeth are for chewing and which are for biting? And how do you bite off a slice of chocolate? - Break it with my fingers instead and stuff that into my mouth as well. Easier xD It's a b@#ody akward feeling, I can tell you that. Never thought I would be this young again. Wonder how many weeks it's gonna take me to learn? I actually find this much harder to learn than a new computer programme. It's not even a matter of pain. It's a simple matter of surviving in the blind :P - Did you btw know how hard it is to spit when having no teeth?A colleague of mine asked me if I could take my teeth out. I said "Yes" ... She told me not to. - Well of course I'm not gonna expose my teeth in daylight, for crying out loud! I'm 12 months old and I'm a Vampire, right!!!!

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Jacob and Lois Anne said...

I was just kidding about the wind chime!

And it must not be much fun - what you're going through.

You're right about ice cream though. The trouble is I just look at the stuff and gain weight. Nothing puts on pounds like ice cream!

Keep smiling!