We've all been raised on television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars. But we won't

Something's caught baby-Tigers squinting eye. He's been behind the curtain in my room for the past hour - chasing something that I can't see ... an insect perhaps. I'm not sure. He's very quiet - as if the hunter in him has suddenly come to life. ..... "What are you doing Tiger?" - "Meoooow!" ..... is like 'Aloha' ... It can mean anything - it all depends on the situation :D

Think the little man needs a friend to hunt with. Decided that this summer - with summer vacation done - I'm gonna start the search for a mini-Tiger. Would like another leopardette. ... If suitable soulmate of that breed cannot be found, I'll expand the circle and look for a someone with loving spirit and need for older company. A boy I think. Fearing that a lady will be scared off. Tiger is warmhearted, but sometimes acts as if he is the anonymous twin of the king and everybody else his slaves. So it can go 2 ways. Either he falls in love straight on his back .... or escapes to the tree, letting bitterness tear him grumpy. - Tiger is like the bumblebee .... it doesn't know it can't fly either ... Handle with care.

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