We're lucky we got anything at all. I don't think Buddy Holly's much of a waiter

Good Evening to you!
Preparing for my Sunday Evening joy ... 'Midsomer Murders' .... Emptying the freezer for ice cream, slicing strawberries and picking the best pieces of chocolate to add this delicious summer dessert. In case you wonder - Yes, I will take pictures and share with you when ready :P

Strawberries can be used even in omelets. Emily will nodd her head and agree with me.
 - Making a good, solid omelet is the easiest thing on Earth:

5 eggs
1/2 deciliter of cream
Wisp it together
Add a little peppar and some salt
Pour onto a hot pan
Add the ingredients you like - chicken, potatoes, tomatoes, bananas, apples, rasperries, strawberries, sausages, bacon, cheese - just pick your favorites
Bake for 10-15 minutes and

Voilá! - to be served on a hot plate with a glass of your favorite wine, a beer or - as in my case - cold juice

I can eat this in the morning, for lunch, in the afternoon or for dinner....

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Jacob and Lois Anne said...

A happy Easter omelet. I copied your recipe and plan to try it next week...sounds easy enough. And looks delicious. I like the idea of adding strawberries!

Tack sa mycka. (I hope that's right...that's about all my folks taught me!)