We once were pets but now we're food! We won't stay fresh for very long

Crums and dust removed and sweep-over-the-floor manouvers done.
Listening to beautiful classical music - Romantic Music for Flute and Harp - including my favorite piece, Edvard Grieg's 'Morning'.
How can someone who enjoys Edvard Grieg also find pleasure in Marilyn Manson you might think ... I enjoy all sorts of music ... and Marilyn Manson isn't about music, it's about performance and the noble art of German Cabaret all included. Which I also happen to like.
Emily had a weird experience yesterday with some strangers walking by, hammering at her kitchen-window. She wanted to go out and yell at them. Unfortunately they'd vanished by the time she arrived. I had the exact same experience some days ago. Only that was one of the neighboor's spoiled brads who was kicking his ridiculous scooter bike into our second front-door. Husband got furious and went out and yelled at him. His dad was there and in my mind he should have told his son to lay off. Well, apparently not. This 'child' is 14-15 years of age. I don't understand why parents so thougtless neglect to teach their children to respect other peoples property

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