That's what I like about Scotch people, you know - emigrate all over the world as long as you like and still end up talkin' like Scotch people

Buzz, buzz!
You know what I like about my job? - The fact that I don't bring it th me home. When there, I invest 100% of myself in it. When closing the door, it's gone. I cannot remember what I did or who I spoke to. If I had a shitty day - and shitty days come to me as they do to you - I go home and forget about it. I could never ever again spend time on a job where I'm forced to lay sleepless at night, wondering what the h@ll went wrong. Been there, done that. And it felt like Dantes 'Inferno'. It's an experience, but not something I'd like to try again.Why do you work?- I work, because I want to ... not because I need to. There's a huge difference.
When I was young(er) and still had a lot of ambitions, I wanted to be someone. I thought the recognition and the appreciation would come if only I proved to others that I was someone and something. Now I know better. It doesn't matter how hard you try. If people don't appreciate you for being you, it's a waste of time trying to convince and please them. - When realizing that, I decided that my ambition would be simply to be me. Others expectations are beyond my ability. If you don't like me for being me, it's not my business to change your mind.
Be yourself! - All the other's already been taken

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