That's the Marilyn Monroe section, that's Mamie Van Doren... I don't see Jayne Mansfield ... she must have the night off or something

Poor Tiger. It's too hot for him outside. He's looking for a shady place to laze ....

Could take him out for a walk, but he's no friend with the harness he has to wear ... Will see what happens. Tonight when it's a bit cooler, we can take a walk into the woods

Look at the birch! It's really beautiful now. Leaves are opening now bit by bit. Lovely!

Trying to read, but there's awfully hot at the balcony now. 50 degrees celsius is a bit overrated .... Cooling down with a glass of Russian Blue, as I still haven't been able to get any Russian Black, which is my prefered tea label. Emily my dear, is Black Russian for sale in Sundsvall, I wonder?
The curtains I hung up yesterday really makes the kitchen much nicer. The light is let in, but the sun is kept out. Good thought you got there Charlotte. Clever you!
That's the funny thing here. There's no real spring and no real autumn. The snow melts and BAM! Hot summer! Sometimes I miss the in-betweens ....

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