One step closer to economic equilibrium

This is one occassion where I don't show up with my face done. It doesn't feel right lie in a dentist chair, getting totured, wearing make-up. I visualize cracky foundation and smeared eyeline ... Frankenstein's Monster en miniature :D
The sun is peeping out .... think this day will offer us everything good that nature has to give.
Reading the Daily Wailing *sigh* ... Prohibiting sms-ing and mobile talk when driving your car is the hot topic of the day. I don't think it's okay to sms or fible with your mobile phone when you drive. However, prohibition leads nowhere. Opening that debate is like opening a pandora's box. Next thing will be a ban on naughty kids in the backseat of the car (it interrupts with your ability to concentrate). Or how about prohibiting plastic cups from Q8 or eating in the car. I mean - get a grip! People do every
f#@&ing thing you can imagine in their cars..... Perhaps the easiest solution is simply to prohibit cars!?!
That's gonna save society a buck or 2. No more involment in conflicts in oil-producing countries. Our health will improve, pollution will be reduced etc. - On the other hand a lot of fitness centres will go bankrupt, unemployment rate will increase at hospitals and within traficpolice force, emergency service, the army, the news business and other businesses that profits from car accidents, wars - you name it!

Sounds like something that could create other, untested conflicts in the future. Wouldn't that be exciting?!? ......

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