Not that I'm over it, but little by little it's getting easier to pretend it's easier, which means easier must be right around the corner

Hey there!
How are you doing?
Been out all afternoon, enjoying the weather and the sense of summer in the air. Went up to a lake with a thermos of coffee and dougnuts .... Listened to the birds twitter and the bees hum. Brought the camera of course, and got some nice shots of nature in blossom.
Dinner digested. We had minced meat sauce with mashed potatoes. Nam, nam. Bought strawberries, so tonight will be an evening with 'Frost', Ben & Jerry and red, glooming strawberries.
Also managed to find some new curtains for the kitchen area. There's so hot in the summer season, so I found some white ones facricated in fine cotton. Gonna hang them up later this evening or tomorrow .....


Jacob and Lois Anne said...

Some beautiful pictures here. I especially like the second to last, but it appears there is still some ice/snow on the lake? Is that possible?

And you did accomplish a great deal!

Re beer: I used to like a Danish beer - can't think of the name now...that was years ago. And a German beer, Dortmunder Hansa, also years ago. Can't find the latter anymore anywhere in the States.

Thanks for your greetings! This is merely a good Friday for me. Hope you have a great weekend and a great Easter if that is in your plans...

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