It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything

Good Tuesday Morning!
How was your night? Mine was good, thank you. Slept like a child. Up for a short moment somewhere around 4 am to feed Tiger with a be-quiet-now-snack. - He's having his breakfast now by the way.
Seems as if it's gonna be a beautiful day today. East's on fire.
Long day today. I'll be off around 8 and back again late tonight. Meating with the team tonight. Serious business :P
Forgot to buy a lunchbox, so now I have to choose between lunchbox from supermarket on my way to work or a hamburger .... Not sure what I feel for ... will see ..... Getting on with my morning ..... Dry-up, make-up, dress-up, eat-up and read-up ......
Wish you all a Happy Day!

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