I'm a little short

Good Morning to you on this beautiful day!
Hope you slept well.
I can see the grass growing xD
Smells like this is gonna be a good day.
Last day of my mini-holiday though *sigh* - Tomorrow is another day at the races.
I've got a cup full of coffee and ready for adventures. We're off to see what nature has to offer of un-exploited wonders.
Warm and sunny .. Hm ... Wondering what to wear ......
Todays headlines:
Syrian troops attacks (civil war?)
Samsung strikes back - sues Apple for plagiarism
And Suri Cruise is the oldest 5 year old in the world
..... In other words: All Quiet on the Western Front I presume ... Minding my own business

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Jacob and Lois Anne said...

Thanks for the Swedish phrase...that's probably what he was saying...it was a long time ago so I probably don't remember things too accurately.

Glad you're having a nice day. It's sunny and 63 degrees here this morning. Will be warm later though.