I see a little silhouetto of a man ....

Hey there!
Did you notice the tabs? Everything begins with a T. - Obsession maybe .. or simply a matter of coincidence?
I said Verdi, didn't I? I meant Puccini xD But nevermind - All roads lead to Rome. Tosca, Opera, A Night at the Opera, Bohemian Rhapsody ...
In 1975 Sid Vicious was just a punk - and we'd never heard that word associated with garage. While Marilyn Manson was 6 and cute, David Bowie went plastic soul. Alice Cooper was a Nightmare, Kiss was Alive and Queen took us to the opera ... In 1975 I was 12 years old. And this was the best music I had ever heard. - Still love it to bits!

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Jacob and Lois Anne said...

Glad you had a good day today, although long. It was a bit warm here, but a nice breeze helped.

Re your music - I used to write a music review column for a local paper in Texas when some of the folks you mentioned were front and center. But I was too old even then to get into their music.

Sorry, but I'm still stuck on Sinatra and the oldies!