I don't eat bagels. Bagels are like glue in your intestines and ensure that everything that enters your body will remain there until you die

Hey and Good Evening!
How's your day been? - Mine's been fairly okay. Came home late ... but who cares as long as it's FRIDAY!
Strange weather today. This morning it was snowing - now it's just greay and cloudy. Grey sky, grey street, grey clouds, grey trees, grey snow, grey everything! Odd situation this morning as someone accidently had turned our day into a holiday. So for 1 hour, the phones were quiet. Untill someone thought it was weirdly quiet for a Friday, and dialed our number, only to hear a statement claiming that it was a national holiday HAHAHA - Alas not! But last year, April 1 was a holiday hehehehe ... OOPS.

Weekend means relax, read, bake, c(h)at, some light make-over of the domestic residence, lots of coffee all included.

Catch up on you!