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Watching 'Midsomer Murders' - one of my favorite English crime series.
Tomorrow is a new day. Working Monday, Tuesday. Wednesday is an off-day - literally speaking ... Are going to the dentist to continue the rebuilding of my teeths ... which means the removal of my teeths in favor of something created by a dental technician. Who happens to be an aquaintance, so I'm sure the finish will be excellent. Hope I only have 3-4 visits left before I'm done. Really need this to be over as soon as possible ... Gonna celebrate with a well-done steak and a glass of champagne!
I really don't care if anyone out there thinks I should keep quiet about this. I have 'helped' my problem to develop with a speed faster than the lightning by smoking. However, I would like to say that "health care" hasn't helped me a lot. When the problem started, it was an infection in my ears. The hospital sent me home and refused to give me any antibiothics claiming I didn't have any infection. It then spread to my jaws and now - after 2 years - there's no turning back.
So why do we accept a health care that doesn't pay any interest in the patients? In my mind we pay way too much for a service that is un-productive and inefficient because we're beeing told, that our so called health care is the best in the world. Which it isn't. Doctors are spending their time on budget-planning instead of looking after their patients, and the whole system is under constant budget-cuttings and centralizations, which means that if my sickness is to be taken serious, I have to arrive to the hospital unconscious in an ambulance. If I am able to walk and talk and there's no blood-spill, I'm not sick enough to be cared for.
At the end of the day, the type of infection I've had can spread to the neck, block vital nerves and eventually cause a heart-attack. But then again, getting a heart-attack can be fatal. You chances of survival are 50-50. If you die, you're not gonna cost health care a dime.

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