Eccentrics are only tolerated so long as they come up with the goods

Good Evening!
I hope your day is going well.
Mine's been fairly good.
Been working all day and did quite well ... At least I'm happy xD
The morning was a bit chilly - but now seems to be quite fine. Not warm, warm, hot, but warm and sunny. Hope it shall last forever and ever .... Was not made for cold climate. Someone forgot to deliver me with an overcoat! Where can I file a complaint by the way ? .....
Day off tomorrow - for the final dentist work (my hopes and prays) ... Will keep you updated on that department .....
Check fb and the news ... I seem to be living in complete blindness these days ... Has something of importance happened? Presumably not :P
We had fika today. Kim I. baked it. Pretty good cake he made there. I need to check his recipe to share it with you ...... It was Tosca cake and very Verdi ... Nam, nam, nam!

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