Dolores Delmonte? Sounds like an exotic fruitsallad!

Watched a programme about Sabhera, a young Afghan girl who'd left her violent husband and is now trying to get a legal divorce. She was married to him at the age of 10, sold by her father for 50 lambs. - 1 lamb has a value of appr. 25 USD ...
I was thinking of this privileged world of ours .... We don't have to sell our daughters .... We are fortunate enough to be able to learn to read and write ... We know our rights. The law is on our side (at least most of the time). Women and men have equal rights and equal opportunities. We don't really know what poverty and hunger is. We talk about democracy and constitutional rights. We fight wars in countries far, far away and think that we can turn these countries civilized and democratic using bullets. But the truth is - instead of weapons we should arm our troops with pens and books and blackboards and concentrate our efforts on fighting the ignorance that goes hand in hand with illiteracy.

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