The camera will make you god. That's how Jack became sainted

I went to a shop I had forgotten all about today while chasing outdoor table. They had so many kitchy things. It was as if I'd entered the land of Kitchgrila .... I found lavender and vanilla scented candles, mosquito candles, and then I found this glockenspiel ....The wind decides which melody to be played ... Bear with me dear neighbours :P

Baby Tiger is absent minded today. Twice he forgot to deliver the bullets at his place. But nevermind. A wet cloth and a bit of Ajax Fleur removes the traces and the smell xD
Which makes me wonder .... How come they have to call it Ajax Fleur? As if there really was flower essences in it?!? - Of course there isn't ... it's pure chemical. Remember their slogan 'Clean like a white tornado'! - Hint, hint  .... What are we? - Fools?!?

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Jacob and Lois Anne said...

Re the "fools" question: Yep!

It might seem to the uninvolved that Tiger is a wee bit spoiled. You think? ;-)

Our neighbors had some wind chimes; drove us nuts. It looks like they finally took them down. But we didn't say a word.