Are we strong enough to climb up to the sky? The wizard of the holy is strong enough to fly

Hey there!
Enjoying my last evening of my mini-vacation.
No thunder yet though .... But it sure feels as an option, which I believe you'll be able to see if you click on the 8:19 Experiment tab :D
Baby Tiger is having a hard time finding a place to rest. Right now he's in the guest bed (sorry - must remember to remove every trace of cat hair from there). Earlier, he found a spot on the bedroom floor that could do for half an hour .....

9:15 pm: Listening to the wonderful local choir 'Team Andreas' doing their grand final. They sing Leonard Cohen's 'Halleluja'.... Beautiful! May they win this competition. Did you remember to vote?So now, we're all waiting for the result. Crossing my fingers, waiting for the votes to be counted. If our team wins, I promise I will upload the video from tonight. You'll love it!

9:26 pm: YES!!!!!! They did it!!!!! Fantastic. This is the wow-factor! So here they are


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Jacob and Lois Anne said...

Well, congrats to all involved. But I couldn't get the video to play.

I suppose you're back at work, working hard! Don't work too hard. Tiger is home waiting for you.

I'm going bike riding. With my wife. But it's going to be warm. 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hope you are doing well!