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Yummi! Ice cream was delicious! - And I still have strawberries left for tomorrows breakfast xD
Just need to buy more Ben & Jerry .....

Will be exploring the lake of Gryttjen tomorrow. As far as I remember, there is an old factory at the western shore that could be worth a visit .... Looking forward to that.
Now it's time for me and Baby Tiger to go to bed. Meooow!

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Jacob and Lois Anne said...

That doth look yummy!

Thanks for the correction re my Swedish...my parents spoke it very well, but would not teach me. I think I told you before they used it to communicate things they didn't want me to know about.

One phrase my dad would use when we were visiting people who didn't speak Swedish and he was getting tired, was - and this is the way it sounded, as I have no idea how to write it in Swedish: "Lets a go hem alleg de." I think it meant "let's go home to bed."